Who We Are

HerDomain is a non-profit organization dedicated to leveling the playing field for Pakistan's low to middle income women through technology. Currently only 14% of women in Pakistan are involved in the country’s technology industry. Out of those women, a much smaller percentage work in technical roles. And out of that small percentage, far fewer emerge from low socio-economic backgrounds.

herDomain strives to shatter tech glass ceilings for women in Pakistan and globally

What we do

    HerDomain provides Pakistani women with tech training, professional development and mentorship, thus carving a pathway to opportunities and technology jobs both in Pakistan, and the world. Women who undergo our training will be better positioned to pursue tech careers, create and design their own applications, and/or go on to receive higher education. Our pilot program, which will be offered at non-cost, will teach 10 women front-end development via HTML, CSS and Java Script. Our goal is to target those who may not be able to learn coding without a scholarship.

Where we are

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herDomain provides low to middle income women opportunities to advance through coding bootcamps and professional development training

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herDomain is based out of SPINN Labs in Islamabad, Pakistan

Interested in our programming? Have any general feedback? Want to offer support? We’d love to hear from you!

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Ground Floor, Rear Portion,
Telecom Foundation Complex
Plot No. 7, G-9/4, Mauve Area,
Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone: +92-51-874 0803

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