• Join herDomain's first Graphic Design Workshop this April!

      At our session, you will learn the latest design tools by an industry expert and meet a community of women interested in combining their artistic talents and technical skills.

      Upon completion of our program, you will be automatically eligible for full and part-time jobs in the tech industry.

      See below for a complete agenda:


      Day 1:

      • Unit 1: Introduction to Graphic Design
      • Students will be introduced to application and types of graphic design, problem statement fundamentals of design, basic techniques, elements and principles of design, and color psychology.

      • Unit 2: 2D Design Process
      • Students will learn the fundamentals of two-dimensional design, the foundation of art, graphic design, and visual communication.

      Day 2:

      • Unit 3: Design Process
      • Students will learn and practice the design process and explore it through a simple six-step plan. They will be able to identify each step in the design process, understand the importance of each step, and implement them.

      • Unit 4: Campaign Design
      • Students will learn design guidelines, flyer or poster design rules, stationary design dos and don’ts and web banner design elements.

      Day 3:

      • Final Project Submission and Evaluation
      • On last day students will work on and submit their final project.

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