Who: This bootcamp is for designed for women with little to no computer science background from low to mid socioeconomic backgrounds. 

    • What: In this bootcamps, students will receive a high level overview to HTML, CSS and Java Script. They will master basic concepts such as how to construct a webpage, build a chatbot, create a chatroom, build a newsfeed and more. Students will also become acquainted with some more complex CompSci topics and have an opportunity to build their own projects. In addition to computer science instruction, there will be training on professional development specifically designed to help women succeed in the workplace and the technology industry more broadly. 

    • Where: The first pilot of the women's 10-Day Coding Bootcamp will take place in Islamabad, Pakistan in SPINN Labs 

      Ground Floor, Rear Portion, Telecom Foundation Complex Plot No. 7, G-9/4, Mauve Area, Islamabad, Pakistan.

    • When: Monday through Friday from July 17th - July 28th 10AM - 2PM

Why: The purpose of this pilot program is to test out our course curriculum on a set of motivated students with a willingness to learn how to code and expand their soft skills. The purpose of the organization, more broadly, is to leverage technology to level the opportunities for disadvantaged women around the world and level the playing field in Pakistan and globally