• Are you a computer science female in college who wants to work in the tech industry?

      Apply for herDomain’s February Ten-Day Coding Bootcamp to give yourself a competitive advantage. Upon completion of our program, you will be automatically eligible for full and part-time jobs in the tech industry.

      The Bootcamp will begin on March 19th and end on March 30th. During that time, we will meet every weekday between 2:00-5:30PM.

      At this 10-Day Session, we will refresh your knowledge on the basics of web development, teach you how to apply your development skills to fun and interesting projects and coach you on professional development tactics for women in the workplace. Please read below to see our full curriculum.


      Week 1: Meet Chatbot, Your First AI!

      • Day 1: FriendlyBot
      • Your first chatbot won't be smart, but it will be friendly. Learn to recognize when users are saying hi or goodbye, or asking certain questions, then respond with a good answer

      • Day 2: SmartBot
      • Your chatbot should be able to remember things about the user. Make it remember the user's name and preferences, and respond to specific commands

      • Day 3: MathBot
      • Math is easy for computers. Make your bot do hard math problems that you ask it. Then, make your bot act as an alarm clock.

      • Day 4: QuizBot
      • Make a bot that asks questions and analyzes the answers to give you a result. You could make a study quiz about geography, a fun quiz about which celebrity you should marry, or anything else you come up with!

      • Day 5: QuoteBot
      • Use the internet to look up quotes from famous people and deliver those quotes with your chatbot. Parse hundreds of quotes to return the correct one.

      Week 2: Answer questions about the world using existing AI APIs.

      • Day 1: Nice or Mean?
      • We’ll analyze quotes from world leaders and rank them based on how positive or negative the leader sounds.

      • Day 2: Happy or Sad
      • Are people happier when talking about the sun, or oil? Lions or Giraffes? We’ll compare and visualize human sentiment on two topics, using text from famous quotes.

      • Day 3: Does this picture make me look angry?
      • What celebrities are the happiest in pictures? We’ll use an image search api to gather images of a given celebrity, then we’ll analyze the facial emotion of the celebrity in each image and display the result.

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