herDomain will be hosting Quetta's first Machine Learning and Data Science Workshop
    on Thursday, September 28th 2017 from 9:00AM - 4:00PM at BUITEMS.


      Who: This workshop is for university-level women from any field interested in acquiring in-depth technical skills on machine learning and/or data science. 

    • What: We will aim to: (1) host two 2-hour lessons on introductory machine-learning and data science using Python, (2) have independent work and feedback discussions, and (3) provide sessions/speakers on professional development and female empowerment. 

      Our main themes for the day are as follows:
      ● Improving Female Participation in the Modern Professional Marketplace
      ● Data Science, Machine Learning and Statistical Problem Solving: An In-depth tutorial to the Arts of the 4th Industrial Revolution
      ● Exploring Hiring Trends in the Technology Sector: An Interview How-To
      ● Community-based Innovation: Code, Local Problems, Local Solutions

    • Where: BUITEMS, Takatu Campus

    • When: Thursday, September 28th 9:00-4:00PM

Why: The purpose of this one day workshop is to expose students to the jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities available to them in the new tech sector. All participants will become a part of the herDomain network, where they can keep in touch with news on hosting workshops, online events, tech programming and professional development training and gain access to mentors.